As the title said, ur not pro!

Yikes! Oh no! Bummer! You have been classified as not pro by whoever sent you this website! That is obviously not good and you probably are about to cry. However, fear not! This tutorial will go over what it is to be pro and how to be pro.

To be pro is to be an awesome person and a pro gamer. If you're reading this, you are not one of those.

Examples of what you could have done 🫵

In this example, the user did something not at all pro. This user was VERY cringe. Playing Fortnite is almost the most cringe thing someone can do... Sadly, being cringe is the most common form of not being pro.

This example, the user also did something not very pro, fail his math test. Failing a math test isn't really that pro as it shows a lack of many things such as preparedness, a good guessing ability, and in some cases, intelligence.

Now in this example, the user definitely did something not pro. Begging for things is not pro for two reasons: its makes you look bad, and it makes you look bad. Plus, imagine begging for admin lmfao. This could also fit in the cringe section.

There is a lot more reasons and examples out there on not being pro... If you're not sure why you're not pro, contact the person who sent you this website. If you're blocked, you should start crying. :(

Why am I not pro? 😭

Being pro is a really normal thing to be. If you aren't pro, consider yourself a special snowflake. So why are you not pro? It's a you problem (skill issue!!!)... Thankfully, there is a way to fix your non-proness!

How to fix not being pro 🛠️

Thankfully, there is this process called... wait... actually... you can't. Being pro again can only be determined by the person who said you aren't pro. I know, I know, this isn't ideal. But it's the only way!

Some suggestions as to being marked pro again would be ("user" is the person who called you sent you this site): telling user they have a great personality, buying user a gift, saying sorry to user, giving user a hug :), buying user a new car, house, or plane, etc!

Conclusion 😋

Hopefully this website gave you great insight on how to be pro again. If not, at least you know why

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